Taking the Plunge..Why I decided to blog

I’m not new to blogging.  During my teaching career in middle grades science, I created an educational blog for students, teachers, and parents called Adventures in Science .  I thoroughly had a blast sharing ideas with other teachers, providing opportunities for children to do science with their parents, and the opportunity to learn from other science teachers who love science and technology.

Therefore when I joined the IPT online  graduate program at Boise State, I knew this would be a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my learning, get exposure and converse with other graduate students in instructional and performance technology fields, gain insight into the minds of IPT professionals, and learn the ins and outs of IPT.

I look forward to seeing how this blog will change and grow over the years.  I would invite you to come along too and if you are a graduate student too..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?   I read a great post by Drew Conway,  PhD graduate student, in political science that really got me excited about all the possibilities that blogging has to offer.. The name of the post is” Ten Reasons Why Grad Students Should Blog“.  Check it out and I think you will be blogging by the end of the day


About IPTtoolkit--Eboni DuBose

Hi!! I'm Eboni. A Masters Candidate in the Instructional and Technology program at Boise State. Come along and join in on my learning experiences. I look forward to having wonderful conversations from other learning professinals
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