Creating a Level 1 Evaluation or Smile Sheet

This week in IPT 536 we were tasked with creating a Level 1 evaluation or “smiles” sheet.  Level 1 smiles give instructional designer insight into the participants “reaction” how effectively the content was delivered.  Level 1 evaluations are opportunities for formative evaluation (improvements) in subsequent training sessions.   By evaluating reaction, we can see “was the training motivationally appealing”.

In the previous we had to create a lesson plan applying Gagne’s 9 events of Instruction and Keller’s ARCS.  Since ARCS focuses on improving the motivational appeal, it has applicability to Level 1 evaluations in other words,  we are evaluating the participants reaction to the instruction. It was interesting to see that ARCS can be used in evaluations as well.

I have included my example from class (click the image for full evaluation). Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on areas for improvement


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