Well, I am half way into my IPT graduate program and realize I NEED AN INTERNSHIP!  I don’t want to be one of those grads who can’t find jobs after they graduate because they didn’t get an internship to get real world experience.  Everyone knows there is vast different between book knowledge and on-the job training.  Doubly, I am a stay at home mom and feel like I am in a “bubble”.  I need those professional conversations (and not just online).  How am I going to find an internship?

Though my program is superb at making our projects relevant, applicable, and focused on meeting the needs of a real world client, the tacit knowledge gained through actually working with seasoned professionals is invaluable. The tangibility of an internship is doubly important,  especially since I am in an online graduate program.  Since much of our professional discussion occur through asynchronous environments (Lotus Notes or Blackboard), an internship would 1) help me develop and refine IPT competencies in order to adjust and advance in my profession 2)  reinforce skills and principles learned through their coursework as well as to develop additional practical expertise 3)  allow me to reflect on the lessons learned during interning and connect practical experience on the job with academic coursework content.

My plan to get an internship/entry-level position is to

  1. Update my resume with the skills I have acquired so far in the IPT program and create an online portfolio of my work (UPDATE: I found a great website called www.wix.com that is so user friendly and let’s you create high quality flash websites.  I can’t wait to show off my finished portfolio)
  2. Check out job posting sites (Monster, Indeed, Simply Hired) and look for entry level position.  (UPDATE: I definitely need an internship in order to even get in the door as an entry level engineer.  Even though my degree gives me a few years experience, I think a company would still hire a person with experience over newbie with a Masters degree.)
  3. Email my resume out to the training and development departments of local colleges and universities (UPDATE:  I got offered a job a a TRAINER for the Training and Business Development Department at a local technical college.  A great opportunity to develop my presentation skills.
  4. Update my resume online (UPDATE: I found this really great website called www.gogreenresumes.com that allows you to create a professional looking resume page for FREE)
  5. Email resume to local chapter of ASTD and then join.  (UPDATE: Hopefully I can harness the power of networking to see if there are any job available.  The one road block I am coming up against is that the city I live is over 70 miles away from the major city that employs instructional designers.  Since I am a stay at home mom (and I have an infant and preschooler), I need something closer to home in case of emergencies (your child sick is at the top of the list).

About IPTtoolkit--Eboni DuBose

Hi!! I'm Eboni. A Masters Candidate in the Instructional and Technology program at Boise State. Come along and join in on my learning experiences. I look forward to having wonderful conversations from other learning professinals
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