Twitter: Yeah, I am behind

I am REALLY late on Twitter (but as they say, better late than never).  The reason I decided to join was after reading an interesting blog on using twittering for social learning, entitled “How to Use Microblogging in the Workplace”.  In it the author, Yogesh Agarwal list how organizations are using these microblogging for workplace learning and performance support.

1. Broadcasting information – with microblogging information sharing can happen in the real time and anyone make contribution unlike discussion boards or emails. To make all this simple the organizations are integrating these tools into their eLearning courses/LMS.

2. Performance support – using microblogging organizations can provide real-time performance support with quick tips and links to resources [like pdf files, quizzes, YouTube videos, flickr/picasa photos etc.]. Microblogging is great for just-in-time support.

3. Expert Guidance – by using microblogging tools employees can follow SMEs or tutors after the training to explore more about that topic. Lists of all such experts can be created and integrated within the learning portal. Learners can follow lists or some individuals.

4. Live Discussion Forums – microblogging is also useful for live discussions. You can schedule it at a particular time and decide on a unique hashtag for the session. People can share their ideas/thoughts and get to know differing points of views. It usually generates a large repository of ideas, opinions and links. One can take time to reflect on them later. In the learning community #lrnchat is one such example of a Twitter discussion forum.

5. Knowledge Repository – the search feature of microblogging tools can be used to extract information anytime. You can refer back to your own updates/messages, search on a topic and get pointed information. If you know of an expert on that subject/topic, you can use that too in your search. (I think this is the major reason any company should use microblogging.  Knowledge is a commodity and with the regular influx and outflux of talent at companies they had better find a way to harness it.

6. Back Channel – the workplace can also use microblogging as a back channel for live training webcasts to track the user’s responses, ask questions or to share any related information. These tools can also be integrated within live webcasts too.

I really liked how Qualcom is using microblogging in their company.  Since I am getting a certificate in Workplace E-learning and Performance Support as well as my M.S in IPT, I am really excited about the uses of microblogging and how it can improve workplace learning and performance.  Check out a this presentation on how Qualcomm is using microblogging for learning

As a personal learning tool, Twitter is great but it’s a public platform and what you share on it is available to everyone.  Just as companies don’t want their personal information out for everyone to see, I don’t want to share my personal life as well.  I think I will save that for Facebook where I can at least exert a little more control.

With that said, by all means, follow me on Twitter … if you’re interested in the following:

  • my thoughts on recent E-learning/Instructional Design/Performance Improvement blogs that I have read
  • my learning process while in the IPT program
  • my ideas on the future of E-learning, instructional design, and performance improvement
  • sharing great resources I’ve just found

What I don’t tweet about:

  • what I had for breakfast
  • when I’m ticked off at family or friends
  • why I love Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
  • what I am currently doing at the gym
  • who I am listening to on Pandora

In summary, I believe Twitter is a social learning tool, and what I share relates to what I’m professionally passionate about.

On the other hand, if you do want to get to know me socially, then perhaps we can become friends and you’ll be exposed to those types of updates on Facebook.


About IPTtoolkit--Eboni DuBose

Hi!! I'm Eboni. A Masters Candidate in the Instructional and Technology program at Boise State. Come along and join in on my learning experiences. I look forward to having wonderful conversations from other learning professinals
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