Evaluation Proposal: An Evaluation of the Nuclear Solutions Training Program

This week we submitted our proposals in IPT Evaluation Methodology. Since I am a stay at home mom, my husband’s experiences in training programs or performance problems within his organization frequently become the basis for many of my IPT projects. This is a proposal for the evaluation of the Nuclear Solutions (pseudonym) Shuffler Training Program

We employed Jane Davidson’s book Evaluation Methodology Basics: The Nuts and Bolts of Sound Evaluation. As a novice, this book is a great introduction for how to conduct sound evaluations.  I really like how Davidson expounds on Scriven’s core checklist framework to provide evaluation methodology for new evaluators.  She takes a very sophisticated topic and makes it very easy to visualize what evaluation logic and methodology really look like in practice.

BackgroundScriven’s Key Evaluation Checklist(KEC) (Figure 1) is an established guide that provide a solid backbone for conducting evaluations . This checklist contains 18 checkpoints that help to comprehensively plan, design, implement, and evaluate any evaluand (program, policy, project, produce, service, or organization). The checklist consists of three preliminary checkpoints and 15 subsequent checkpoints grouped into the categories of foundations, sub-evaluations, and conclusions. However since this was just a proposal and not a full blown evaluation, only certain checkpoints were required–Preface, Methodology, Background and Context, Descriptions and Definitions, Stakeholders, and Resources.

Because I do not have direct access to the stakeholders (I’m currently a stay at home mom) , my proposal did not make a viable candidate for consideration as a team project.  However, this proposal did allow me to become competent in evaluation methodology.   I look forward to gaining hands-on experience by conducting a full scale evaluation with my team members.  We are evaluating the receiving department process line of Merchandise Unlimited(pseudonym), an international merchandise distribution company.  Our goal is to get published in the ISPI’s Performance Xpress


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2 Responses to Evaluation Proposal: An Evaluation of the Nuclear Solutions Training Program

  1. Your proposal was so well written, it would have been fun and challenging had your proposal been selectable. Love the blog Eboni, keep up the good work!

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