An Evaluation Merchandise Unlimited Truck Crew Receiving Process

Merchandise Unlimited (MU, pseudonym), a merchandise distribution company based in the Midwestern region of the United States, had not examined the processes and resources in place to receive inbound shipments for at least a decade. The Director of Operations and the Operations Manager requested a formative evaluation to both establish how well the inbound receiving process (hereinafter referred to as “evaluand.”)should function and discover how well it actually does function.

In the spring of 2011, three graduate students (hereinafter referred to as “evaluation team”) from Boise State University’s Instructional & Performance Technology program were asked to conduct an evaluation of the inbound receiving process. The stakeholders asked for the evaluation team to look specifically at the 10-person truck crew (hereinafter referred to as “UPS Truck Crew”) which offloads and sorts inbound shipments of used and returned merchandise which were delivered via the United Parcel Service (UPS). The evaluation team created assessment rubrics based on industry best practices and the needs of MU, and then examined the practices and resources in place.

Below you will find a copy of our final report.  You can also download a copy.

As part of the Boise State Instructional and Performance Technology portfolio defense, this project showcased my ability to

  1. Apply: Select and use IPT “tools” to improve learning and performance
  2. Analyze: Explain how the tools  selected relate to one another and to the HPT model
  3. Synthesize: Combine multiple tools to create a coherent approach to a unique problem

Below you will find the IPT learning goals and and how this project developed and deepened my knowledge and skills in evaluation Methodology. You can also download a copy.


About IPTtoolkit--Eboni DuBose

Hi!! I'm Eboni. A Masters Candidate in the Instructional and Technology program at Boise State. Come along and join in on my learning experiences. I look forward to having wonderful conversations from other learning professinals
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