IPTTOOLKIT is a blog about my journey in instructional design  and performance technology as a graduate student.

Who am I? My name is Eboni DuBose, and I’m am a newbie in the field of instructional design ( I was a middle grades science teacher for 5 years and decided I wanted to go into corporate america and help improve learning/performance in organizations).   As an avid learner,  I realized that much of my professional knowledge was built through informal learning (professional conversations on the job and online, reading websites and blogs, watching videos, and trial and err0r).  Since I am in an online program and currently a stay at home mom,  I wanted to create a place where I could have those professional conversations and get out of the “home bubble”.  My goal is to and  try to learn more about instructional design and performance technology everyday so that I can hone my craft.

In this blog, I will share my thoughts and reflections during my IPT graduate career, my approach to applying various methods, models, strategies and techniques to solving IPT problems, and inspirations from other webloggers that read.  I look forward to having a conversation with you!!