never met a form of potato she didn’t like…has an irrational bee phobia…dreams of being an international traveler but really has only been to 10 states…loves e-learning and all forms social media…enjoys challenges….can only watch scary movies during the day time…wishes everyday could be between 75-80 degrees….loves NPR and HGTV’s House Hunters…believes her husband makes the best NY cheesecake in the world.. is the very proud mom of two amazing and beautiful princesses

After graduating in 2004 with a B.S in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech, she joined the nationally acclaimed leader in educational change, Teach for America.  Since Eboni enjoyed working with new technology so much, she and other technologically savvy teachers were selected to receive an “interactive classroom” that was complete with laptops and regular technology training. In addition, she successfully wrote two grants, United Way and Wake Electric,  to integrate awarded two technology into the classroom.  Eboni loved being able to experiment and learn new technologies and apply them in the classroom. She also became an unofficial “guru” for other teachers’ computer questions—how do I make a blog, how do I get PowerPoint to create a Jeopardy game, how do I used Web 2.0 in the classroom? She eventually started holding informal session to help teachers increase their technological skills and apply them in the classroom. During these “informal” training sessions, Eboni found that she loved working with adults and helping them use software tools more effectively. Realizing that she loved solving problems, creating learning solutions, working with adults, and applying technology, Eboni decided to pursue a career in instructional design. Upon review of the  skills of instructional designer, she realized that teaching had many similarities to instructional design

  •   Setting standard-based goals
  •   Conducting learner analysis 
  •   Creating learning objectives and activities)     
  •   Developing instructional strategies/materials    
  •   Implementing instruction
  •   Assessing learner performance
  •   Using assessments for reflective feedback

After seeing these similarities realizing that she wanted to transition into the corporate world, Eboni  decided to apply to the masters degree program in Instructional and Performance Technolgy (IPT) at Boise State University and was accepted in the program in August 2009. In addition to instructional technology, her interests include designing and developing E-learning solutions, using social media in workplace learning, and improving workplace performance. The reason why she chose this program was because it focused on not just being able to engineer instructional interventions to solve organizational performance problems but also on non-instructional interventions as well.

E-learning and social media is a definite passion of Eboni’s. She firmly believes that her job as an instructional technologist is to deliver the optimal learner experience and most importantly meet business goals.  Eboni’s philosophy on effective e-learning is that it should be personalized, interactive, and fun. Ultimately, her vision is to develop quality training and performance improvement solutions that meet the needs and expectations of  clients while also aligning with their business goals and objectives and leading to an improvement in performance.  In conjunction with her Master’s degree, Eboni is earning a certificate in Workplace E-learning and Performance Support (WELPS) which will equip her with the skills necessary to create and manage e-learning and performance support