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An Evaluation Merchandise Unlimited Truck Crew Receiving Process

Merchandise Unlimited (MU, pseudonym), a merchandise distribution company based in the Midwestern region of the United States, had not examined the processes and resources in place to receive inbound shipments for at least a decade. The Director of Operations and … Continue reading

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Evaluation Proposal: An Evaluation of the Nuclear Solutions Training Program

This week we submitted our proposals in IPT Evaluation Methodology. Since I am a stay at home mom, my husband’s experiences in training programs or performance problems within his organization frequently become the basis for many of my IPT projects. … Continue reading

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Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method: An IPTers Dream

The Success Case Method: A Strategic Evaluation Approach to Increasing the Value and Effect of Training by Robert O. Brinkerhoff ” Despite the fact that effective human resource development (HRD) operations are vital to overall organization success,most organizations fail to … Continue reading

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Kirkpatrick: The Proverbial Buddha??

In IPT 536 Foundations, we were introduced to Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation.  His taxonomy is quite revered in the IPT world (kind of like a magical buddha).  Donald Kirkpatrick published a taxonomy  of criteria for evaluating instruction that is … Continue reading

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Creating a Level 1 Evaluation or Smile Sheet

This week in IPT 536 we were tasked with creating a Level 1 evaluation or “smiles” sheet.  Level 1 smiles give instructional designer insight into the participants “reaction” how effectively the content was delivered.  Level 1 evaluations are opportunities for … Continue reading

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