Cover Letter

The problem solving, leadership, teaching, and technological skills gained in my academic and professional experiences align extremely well with the position that you are currently advertising. As a professional with diverse practical experience and strong problem solving skills, I am confident that I would make a productive addition to your team. As part of your organization, I would bring:

Instructional Design Skills: As a Master’s candidate in the Instructional and Performance Technology program, I can conduct an efficient front-end analysis to determine the root of performance issues (instructional and non-instructional) , design engaging (learner-centric) and effective (performance-based) training that meet learning objectives, and develop assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of learning or performance solutions. In addition, the technical skill and attention to detail gained through my chemical engineering experience further accent my versatility and instructional design abilities.

A Passion for Web 2.0 technology and Learning: As a learning professional, I understand the growing recognition that most workplace learning happens informally. My role as an instructional technologist is not to just design training “events” but build performance support (informal learning, job aids, Web 2.0 collaboration) systems that effectively transfer learning into the workplace for increased performance, productivity, and business results. As a performance technologist and avid user and supporter of Web 2.0 technologies, I look forward to employing my knowledge of social media and performance technology to increase workplace learning and performance

Initiative, creativity and results: As an organizational leader, I took the reins of an ailing organization, revamping their image, mission, and financial growth strategy. By changing to a focus of education, community involvement, and career development, I was not only able to drastically increase membership, but also to eliminate all debt, creating a surplus. The organization continues to win the convetted Burdell’s Best Award which honors student organizations that “go above the norm to improved campus life and community”. The culmination of my leadership was the creation of the 1st Annual Black Leadership Conference, an event now in its eight year, which continues to foster professional and personal relationships between Georgia Tech and several Fortune 500 companies.

A proven record in problem-solving: As a science teacher with Teach for America, I worked relentlessly to ensure that my students received the educational opportunity they deserved. Facing an environment of academically challenged students with diverse learning styles, I recognized that one of the most effective ways to keep my students engaged was through technology. I developed online interactive quizzes using PowerPoint and Quia, created an educational blog through Edublogger, began using elements of Web 2.0 such as VoiceThread, Microsoft Movie Maker, StripGenerator, and Moodle to communicate and extend learning. By setting an ambitious vision for my students’ academic success and investing in them and their families, I went above and beyond traditional expectations in order to help my students excel academically. I began sharing my knowledge with fellow teachers through training sessions at my school. My colleagues and I eventually started a professional learning group which directly focused on how to use Web 2.0 in the classroom. After implementing my methods, they were able to track a marked improvement in their students’ academic performance.

Highly developed communication skills: As detailed in my resume, I have had to motivate and work collaboratively with peers, senior colleagues, and professionals. From working as part of a committee to select conference speakers to writing successful proposals to bring more technology into the classroom, I have learned the value of goal oriented relationship building and communication. These skills were especially useful when it was necessary to balance client needs with viable solutions.

I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, results-driven professional who continuously demonstrates a high level of commitment. I also excel individually and in a team atmosphere, adapting quickly to new environments, methods and technologies. I am focused on bringing my talents to an organization in which I can make a lasting and productive contribution. I am excited by the possibility of further applying and broadening my skills in a team that encourages both growth and advancement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.